Speed Dial RAID Data Recovery

I am still actually waiting for this drive to respond. I figured I probably have some kind of hard disk problem or perhaps it has something to do with the raid controller, but I do know that I have at least done as much research as I can do about data recovery. Not a lot of information is available on the Internet about raid data recovery, and is unfortunately it is something that happens to every organization once in a while. This information is also particularly critical for IT administrators because of the fact that usually when you have a raid server, it is storing very mission-critical data. In other words, the servers operate the kind of software that if it does go down, your entire organization goes with it. This is why I always say it’s a good idea to have a good raid data recovery professional on your speed dial.

Need RAID Data Recovery?

I was noticing some of the new Intel servers out there these days. I’ve seen some of the new Thunderbolt technology. I talked to my manager and he said that it is very likely that we will be able to order a new Intel server very soon. This is good, because I felt like when we are dealing with Dell servers there were way too many hard disk failures. I certainly don’t know very much about raid data recovery in general, and frankly I know how much it costs for the company to get the service performed. After we had arranged that after we had our original raid failure, I was actually terrified about the fact that I wouldn’t keep my job. Of course, that turned out to be the situation after all. I don’t know exactly why we had that crappy backup tape, but I guess it happens to everyone who doesn’t upgrade their backup hardware as quickly as they do their regular servers.


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