RAID Recovery – Pros Only, Please

It is very interesting about the fact that many amateurs will attempt to perform their own data recoveries. I don’t think you understand just how critical it is that a professional performs RAID recovery. I’m actually quite shocked that they would even consider something like this, but now we find ourselves with real problems with some of our most mission-critical systems. I guess these things happen to new technicians, but I am very close to actually terminating the employment of these total jokers. I don’t normally get this angry, but I am getting a little bit sick of paying for raid data recovery operations that I don’t necessarily have to pay for in the first place. They really don’t understand that data recovery is for pros only, and that they have no business opening a hard drive. I know I am ranting, but come on! These guys are idiots already!

RAID Data Recovery Revenge!

I know that when you are on the road traveling there is a lot of potential for stop and go action. I currently find myself in a situation like that because I am on my way to Vegas to have a meeting with some of our server technicians there. We have recently failures on the main raid 50 server. I don’t normally bother with situations like this, but I am very curious about why we are having to have a raid data recovery company deal with us on an almost daily basis lately. It just doesn’t seem right to me. I mean, I have seen a server or two fail over the years, but never this many at once in just a couple of months. I’m starting to wonder if mice might be getting into the server room or if somebody is spilling water and sabotaging the data. Whatever the case is, I am about to make sure that whoever is causing this raid data recovery problem is going to pay for it.

New Servers in the House

I’ve recently been drinking a lot of caffeine in the morning because I absolutely love working with some of the new machines that we just bought recently. I’m actually very surprised by the speed and power, especially when it comes down to processing. Unfortunately, I don’t know exactly what is happening with the servers right now. I was trying to do the diagnostics remotely, but it didn’t end up working as well as I would’ve hoped. In fact, I assume that I’m probably going to have to go and log into the servers personally. This is not something that I would normally do, but in this case I believe I have no choice. We certainly do not want to have a RAID data recovery servicecompany coming into our shop every week or two. I mean, that’s just unprofessional. I’ve never heard of this kind of situation ever happening before. We shouldn’t be having to deal with this at all.

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