Getting Back the Information

Our tech guy is contacting a RAID recovery service to see what the turnaround time is like. We really need to keep working on this project, and the tech guy has been warning us about how unstable the system is. It was really heating up all day yesterday, and now everything has crashed. It’s really too bad too because we were almost done. Luckily, we have a backed up copy of it, but the copy is like two days old, so if we are going to work on it, we are going to have to waste two more days. I think I’d rather wait for the recovery team to tell us what is going on to see if we should rework this stuff or if we should wait until they get the data back. It’s kind of annoying to know that we are going to not be able to make this deadline. It’s not like we didn’t know the system was breaking down.

Getting Your Computer Wish

Lets say you’ve been working on a huge project, and your computer crashes. What would you want to happen to fix that? Youd probably want everything back in place, as if it never happened. If so, then you should consider investing in  Raid recovery for your computer. This is like buying insurance for your computer. It essentially puts two drives into your computer. RAID recovery is the process that happens after one of those two drives fails. Since you still have the data on the other drive, all you have to do is buy one new drive, replace the broken one, and copy the data from the good one over to the new one. Since you never lost anything, you never need to reinstall anything from a backup. RAID recovery is much faster and easier than backup recovery since nothing was lost. If you had one drive, and it failed, you would lose data, but since you have two and only one failed, you do not lose data.

Why You Shouldnt Fear the Blue Screen of Death

Don’t get anxiety about encountering the elusive Blue-screen-of-death on your computer. Just invest in your computers safety and be prepared for anything it might encounter. When your computer crashes or malfunctions, don’t call the neighbor boy over to fix it just because he knows how to post a video on Youtube. Call a professional. You wouldn’t go to a stranger for health problems, so why would you to fix your computer? Take a moment to remember all the sensitive, and valuable, information stored on your computer. Wouldn’t you just want an exact copy of that data, all ready to go? Instead of constantly backing up every single file on your computer, invest in  Raid recovery. It essentially copies all of your data as its created. Many experts may have different opinions about data loss, but to be safe you should invest in RAID recovery. Its not as laborious as backing up all of your files, its just copying them as you go and virtually labor less.

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