Finding Help Restoring Lost Information on My Hard Drive

We just purchased a brand-new computer. Our idea was to use this computer to do work around the home, and to serve as a place to save all the photos that we have stored on all of our other computers. So as soon as we purchased our computer we transferred all of our information from other computers and put it all on this one. Would you believe that within one month the hard drive on this computer broke and we no longer had access to all of the information that we store on this computer. When I told my wife about this situation she almost had a heart attack. Thankfully I was able to do some research and find a raid recovery company that specializes in restoring information on your hard drive. I was so thankful that I was able to find these professionals to help me solve this problem.

Jake Helped Me Fix My Computer

My brother Jake came over last night and helped me fix my computer. I was not sure what was going on myself, but he gets paid like 50 dollars an hour to know this stuff and it turned out that he knew what to do. At least he figured it out after about three quarters of an hour and a half dozen swear words. My Raid configuration had gotten all screwy somehow. He explained to me what had probably happened, but I did not understand what he said and was only able to figure out that he could fix it. He found some software which did Raid recovery and then I got all of my data back. I had a brand new 2 TB external drive waiting. As soon as it started working I backed up everything. He says that I should probably not count too much on the RAID working as intended.

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