RAID Recovery – Pros Only, Please

It is very interesting about the fact that many amateurs will attempt to perform their own data recoveries. I don’t think you understand just how critical it is that a professional performs RAID recovery. I’m actually quite shocked that they would even consider something like this, but now we find ourselves with real problems with some of our most mission-critical systems. I guess these things happen to new technicians, but I am very close to actually terminating the employment of these total jokers. I don’t normally get this angry, but I am getting a little bit sick of paying for raid data recovery operations that I don’t necessarily have to pay for in the first place. They really don’t understand that data recovery is for pros only, and that they have no business opening a hard drive. I know I am ranting, but come on! These guys are idiots already!

RAID Data Recovery Revenge!

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Speed Dial RAID Data Recovery

I am still actually waiting for this drive to respond. I figured I probably have some kind of hard disk problem or perhaps it has something to do with the raid controller, but I do know that I have at least done as much research as I can do about data recovery. Not a lot of information is available on the Internet about raid data recovery, and is unfortunately it is something that happens to every organization once in a while. This information is also particularly critical for IT administrators because of the fact that usually when you have a raid server, it is storing very mission-critical data. In other words, the servers operate the kind of software that if it does go down, your entire organization goes with it. This is why I always say it’s a good idea to have a good raid data recovery professional on your speed dial.

Need RAID Data Recovery?

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Lots of Crazy Issues Right Now

I really been working a lot of overtime lately at my company. They say that things tend to come in threes, but it seems like when it comes down to IT issues, they tend to come in 300s. I know I’m exaggerating about this, but I just feel like it has been a really rough month for us. First we had an exchange server fail earlier in the month and that pretty much set everyone off into a panic. Then, we had a couple of major database servers go down because of massive hard drive failure. It was one of those things where we were lucky that we had made some pretty good contacts with a solid raid data recovery company, because they ended up saving our bacon 100 times. I guess there just comes a time in every administrators life in which she has to deal with a barrage of technical problems. That time for me, apparently, is now.

Finally Some New Raid Servers

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Do You Know Raid Repair?

We haven’t really run into very many situations that required professional RAID repair. for this I am actually quite thankful because dealing with raid arrays on a byte by byte basis is typically not an easy thing to accomplish. By their very nature, raid arrays are very complex and can have their data striped across various drive throughout the array. Plus, once you’re dealing with a raid array above raid five, you are typically dealing with a very complex striping level. I think that a lot of people do not understand that the true power of a raid server is also a bit of a double-edged sword. While there is a lot of safety in a raid array, is not often very easy to repair raid servers when you actually have real mechanical damage. In fact, this is something that only professional raid recovery shops can perform. Administrators need to start learning a lot more about what it takes to accomplish raid repair.

Getting Some New Raid Servers in

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